Elemental Method

A healing method with unique elements: Love Energy As a healer, David works primarily with Love Energy regardless of the techniques being used. He utilizes communication (verbal and non-verbal), energy work, and hands on healing in his work. The source of the Love Energy that David works with is often referred to as ‘Spirit’, ‘God’, … Read more

Earth Air Water Fire

Earth I am grounding, my soil is of your bones, and you are renewed by me.You are rooted by me, I help you feel secure, and I take your discharge.I have secrets, there are worms beneath my surface, even water.Some say they would get dirty in touching me, yet you eat my produce.I am your … Read more

Elemental Deficits and Excesses

Getting to know the Elements by their Excess or Deficits Each of the four elements Earth (embodiment), Air (inspiration), Fire (assertiveness), and Water (receptivity) are necessary at every moment in order to have critical thinking going on. Other names (that is, synonyms) for critical thinking as it is thus defined are ‘being’, ‘wholeness’, ‘connection’, ‘focus … Read more